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No Matter Who You Are, You Can

Have a great, enjoyable relationship with God that leads to a life of purpose and impact

Build a small group ministry that grows and keeps on growing in both quality and quantity

Relationship With God

This beautiful, perfect God desires not only to have a relationship with you; but to have a GREAT relationship with YOU!

It is understandable that we would want to connect deeply and joyfully with Him, right? It is a total win for us.

But the Bible makes clear that He desires a love-filled relationship with us: you and me.

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Small Group Ministry

Do You Want To Have A Small Group Ministry That Works?

An increasing number of pastors know they need a small group ministry to care for, equip and reach more people.

Christians who work jobs and have families are also realizing one of the best ways they can fulfill their calling and make a real difference in the world is through small groups.

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Doable Discipleship in the 21st Century