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The Most Important Spiritual Growth Step to Experience God

The most important spiritual growth step you can take to experience God is to respond to His words as expressed in the Bible. There are a zillion different opinions on who God is, what He is like, and how He designed us to live.  Some are complimentary, i.e. many religions believe there is one God.  […]

Why It’s Hard to Have a Great Relationship with God

The possibilities for a great relationship with God described in the Bible is so much greater than what most of the world is experiencing.  The Bible talks about knowing God better than your natural parents.  It tells us that the moment we receive Jesus as our leader and sin-forgiver that He actually comes to live inside […]

Why It’s Simple to Have a Great Relationship with God

Having a great relationship with God, your Creator, is hard-wired into you. Whether you know that is what you’re looking for or not, it is there.  The good new/bad news is: having a wonderful relationship with God is really simple and easy.  On the other hand, it is also very hard; which is why so […]